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Audley Reid

Chicago, IL, USA

About This Vendor

Hailing from the vibrant city of Chicago and now based in Las Vegas, Audley Reid is a saxophonist and bandleader extraordinaire. With over 25 years of musical experience, Reid's mastery of the saxophone, particularly the Alto Sax, is unparalleled. His smooth and passionate technique, reminiscent of David Sanborn and Art Porter Jr., transcends genres, captivating audiences with his performances in Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Blues, and R&B.

Reid's talent has earned him the privilege of sharing the stage with esteemed artists like Buddy Guy, Phil Perry, Kim Fields, Nick Colionne, and many more. From glamorous galas to intimate venues, Reid's effortless command of the saxophone has mesmerized audiences across the United States, Mexico, Asia, Canada, Europe, and his homeland of Jamaica.

What sets Reid apart is his ability to connect with his audience on a profound level. His music is not just about technical precision; it's about creating an accessible and engaging experience for listeners from all walks of life. Reid strikes the perfect balance between artistic integrity and commercial success, captivating hearts and minds with his extraordinary talent.

Prepare to be enchanted by Reid's solo performances and exhilarated by his collaborations with various bands. Whether it's a social gala, a concert, or a lively venue, Audley Reid's performances are guaranteed to delight and leave a lasting impression.



Music Genre


Live Performances, Wedding Band, Corporate Event Band, Party Band, Cover Band, Concert Band, Festival Band, Acoustic Band, Tribute Band, Cocktail Reception Band, Background Music Band, Music for Special Occasions, Music for Private Events

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