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Derrick Tate

Chicago, IL, USA

About This Vendor

Derrick Tate is a talented musician and educator hailing from Chicago, Illinois. From a young age, Derrick displayed his musical prowess by starting on the clarinet at the age of 10. His dedication to music led him to receive Outstanding Soloist Awards and the prestigious John Phillip Sousa Band Award during his middle school years.

In high school, Derrick's passion for jazz ignited as he picked up the saxophone. He immersed himself in the study of jazz, delving into the mechanics of various instruments and actively participating in community services that brought music to the city and suburbs of Chicago. His talent even took him overseas, where he performed in England, Austria, and Germany.

After completing his education at Berklee College of Music, Derrick earned a degree in Music Education. His philosophy centers around empowering the next generation to embrace music as a tool for self-expression and as an essential part of their everyday lives. He believes that music, whether it's pursued as a joyful talent or a lifelong commitment, holds a unique place in the lives of individuals. Through education and exposure, Derrick aims to ensure that the arts remain relevant and purposeful for generations to come. As an educator, he provides guidance and serves as a map to help students discover the profound meaning that music can bring to their own lives.



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