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What is the difference between a pianist and keyboardist? 

Essentially, they are similar except for the fact that the pianist can be linked to primarily performing on acoustic pianos and the keyboardist will perform on electronic pianos. More classical pianist will lean toward acoustic. However, that doesn't mean they will not play keyboard. The keyboard expands the available sounds such as synth strings, horns, and others. For more info about this, click here to watch a video. 

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Electrifying Entertainment Experience

With over 20+ years of performance experience, and extensive study in jazz and classical arts, KraveLive's Talent is the most popular band for Wedding and Corporate entertainment in the Midwest. When you hire us, you are hiring a band a versatile and engaging band with love for music with no limit to genres. A huge repertoire of songs of the 70s through today's hits, featuring the lovable artists such as: Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Maroon 5, Chubby Checker, Queen, The Beatles, Beyonce, Black Eyed Peas, Michael Buble, Frank Sinatra,  Bruno Mars, and Taylor Swift. Our talent musicians and vocalists have the music and means to get and keep your party jumping! As one of the "top 5 cover bands in the Chicago," our incredible 7 piece band, that can stretch to a full concert 12 piece band, will put you in awe the entire time. From the first drum solo into an electrifying set, you and your guest will be on your feet. If you are in need of Wedding, Corporate or even a party for friends and family, our band can be organized according to your preference and budget. We offer three packages to suit your needs. From a mere soloist or pianist/organist from our bronze package, to our Silver package (standard seven piece full band), or go for gold with our full concert twelve piece band. Whichever you choose, we will provide the quality you seek to realize your vision. 


What is a percussionist? Is that just drums? 

Bongos, congos, chimes, triangles, shakers and many more instruments. Sometimes in songs you will hear it in the background or, for example, the infamous SNL skit with Will Farrell - more cowbell - when they were recording: "Don't fear the reaper". That is a small part of the percussionist role, but undoubtedly a major part that gives the music it's needed features. For more info, click here to watch a video.


Ieshia Brown
Adam Cowan
Lyndsey Shaffer
Mia Simmons

Pianist / Keyboardist

Josh Coleman
Julian Goods (Classical & Choral)
Antonio Foster
Henry "Poose" Johnson

Electric / Acoustic Guitarist

Anthony Allamandola

Electric Bassist

Jeremy Jones
Timothy Vernon

Drummer / Percussion

Emmanuel "Ebay" Boyd
Tim Kelly


Kenneth Leftridge (Saxophone)
Aaron Washington (Trumpet)
Jeremy Jones (Trombone)

Sound Engineer

Parrish "PJ" Hicks

Cover band